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Capture IEEE802.1Q Frame with Wireshark


Intel Network Adapter

Identify Intel Wired Ethernet Driver


Download and execute Intel System Support Utility for Windows (SSU).

check Networking only

find correct interface and change dropdown Detailed View.

But I can't identify accuracy driver… may be e1e ???

My Sniffer Isn't Seeing VLAN, 802.1q, or QoS Tagged Frames

Driver	e1i63x64.sys
e1g, e1e, e1y

Configure Registry

Before configure registry, make sure registry BACKUP!!


this may correct one.

right click and select New → DWORD (32-bit) Value

MonitorModeEnabled = 1

reboot system.

not working!!!

delete MonitorModeEnabled

create MonitorMode = 1.


works fine… my interface driver is listed in…? fantasy.

e1c, e1d, e1k, e1q, e1r, ixe, ixn, ixt

anyway, I can view 802.1Q frame with Wireshark on Windows attached interface…

If you can't see 802.1Q frame each value, try to set both of MonitorModeEnabled, MonitorMode.

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