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PG1X CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure v1.0 Labs

No. Short Lab ID Lab ID Image Category Title Description Remarks
1 33735d25 33735d25-86ec-43c7-9f85-592a20f9ad46 OSPF Default Route: Standard Area, Backbone Area
2 a0918911 a0918911-8c57-4e53-a370-03f6f1a332f3 OSPF Default Route: Stub Area, Totally Stub Area
3 639be0cf 639be0cf-910e-4c8d-a4d5-02965847d699 OSPF Default Route: NSSA, Totally NSSA
4 6b3344b7 6b3344b7-3d9a-4f50-822f-d466606ee4a4 OSPF OSPF Virtual Link
5 a37028dd a37028dd-7f55-43c3-b132-654db0f817a0 OSPF OSPF Interface Authentication
6 26c5211a 26c5211a-06b3-4ae5-808b-90a6614677cd OSPF OSPF Area Authentication different password by each neighbor
7 8f1d8b56 8f1d8b56-574d-4c47-aa6b-fcfb605f5858 OSPF OSPF distribute-list
8 581c807c 581c807c-e998-4929-9f53-7685fc6c3b88 OSPF OSPF Inter-Area Route Filtering
9 03959dad 03959dad-c1e6-4fe4-92e2-455870d6e318 Route Redistribution Route Redistribution Basics EIGRP ↔ OSPF
10 b0bb0d37 b0bb0d37-4325-499f-85a7-cd48c477fce4 Route Redistribution Route Redistribution Basics RIPv2 ↔ OSPF
11 28ac572e 28ac572e-de9b-4b5b-a35f-c6676cd3b6fc Route Redistribution Route Redistribution Options static, connected, match, metric-type
12 cca1bf44 cca1bf44-14bb-484d-a825-a952d9cef59d distribute-list distribute-list Route Filtering: distribute-list
13 9d1dbd46 9d1dbd46-d569-4c85-8b6d-753e1aeb2a4a distribute-list distribute-list w/ redistribute Route Filtering: distribute-list w/ redistribute
14 42bc1e5c 42bc1e5c-e081-4f89-82d4-4ea181c272c6 Route Filtering Route Filtering ip prefix-list EIGRP
15 638a2c73 638a2c73-65de-42bd-a227-45db1ac87e53 Route Filtering route-map Basics EIGRP, OSPF
16 4667c313 4667c313-09ff-4150-a705-e283d90d93f0 Route Filtering route-map tag filtering EIGRP, OSPF
17 2aa57fa8 2aa57fa8-99bb-4248-bbd4-49c9c805df46 PBR Getting Started This Lab is not appropriate to verify PBR Concept
18 01f43d2f 01f43d2f-28e1-48a9-896b-0fac99da1fbd PBR set ip default next-hop Verify set ip next-hop, set ip default next-hop difference
19 07c97bb9 07c97bb9-d4a8-475d-936a-45fe4da19bad PBR route-map deny statement behavior
20 03df5a48 03df5a48-efa7-4121-95e1-cd7b017fa16d Administrative Distance BGP with Administrative Distance
21 b9c9d4d4 b9c9d4d4-f4ae-492f-bef9-d1c351fd1faa Route Filtering Tagged Static Route Filtering Static, OSPF
22 ac6665a0 ac6665a0-c406-4f46-8b30-b205290aedb7 Network Security Reflexive ACL
23 0d4a0667 0d4a0667-b035-4ac8-ba82-80c6057dd5d1 Network Security TCP Intercept Apache respond immediately after [SYN], [SYN,ACK] seems we need ham client and exhaust more Apache resource.
24 69408227 69408227-2393-4611-ae2e-2c2e22cdb775 Network Security CBAC Context-Based Access Control
25 2e669ef3 2e669ef3-4dbe-4c36-a28c-7e3ad0c6462c Network Security uRPF Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding
26 a7982d66 a7982d66-91df-42e4-b74d-bd9c6cb77d14 Network Security ACL FTP ACL Example
27 5a390ddc 5a390ddc-1140-4c43-8afb-02556a6ea168 Infrastructure Services Static NAT: outside
28 553889d2 553889d2-667e-4bb2-b279-389241d53d29 Infrastructure Services Twice NAT
29 5bcf5e24 5bcf5e24-e003-4a97-960f-891bf4a96051 Infrastructure Services Static NAT: TCP Load Distribution
30 9ba85799 9ba85799-c1b4-4bd0-9417-45aa2afde4b6 Infrastructure Services Static NAT: route-map
31 96ed25d3 96ed25d3-a288-42bd-963d-6f85474fbbd2 Network Infrastructure Multicast: PIM-DM
32 abc414de abc414de-1291-421b-9780-9bb5707be896 Network Infrastructure Multicast: PIM-SM: Static RP Static RP
33 23caf050 23caf050-7c23-4f12-b484-d5738505467f Network Infrastructure Multicast: PIM-SM: Auto RP Auto RP
34 09bdfa2b 09bdfa2b-75d2-48b8-a189-7aeaf452b1c0 Network Infrastructure Multicast: PIM-SM: BSR BSR Lab base configuration is identical with 23caf050.
35 a991d586 a991d586-4ed0-46c6-8592-c6c50a4a19da Network Infrastructure Multicast: IGMP
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